May 12, 2008

News Overview

The blog is in response to an article on moral outrage against the media. That article was in reponse to P. Sainath's indictment against the media's coverage of gloss over the other issues affecting the country.

My reply:

"Let's not draw lines within the media, highlighting one aspect, while hiding another. It's a free set-up, and which is why most people love and hate it with equal vigour. Imagine a day when newspapers highlight all misgivings in society, while consciously not delivering anything that's worth its readership, by which, I mean the usual fashion, movies news. Why are the media critics always dragging the farmer into debates when talking about the darker side of journalism, I don't understand!

To my mind, equating a journalist who writes on fashion, to be equated with someone who writes on Vidarbha, is a sad comparison. If a journalist wants to write on fashion, society, what is wrong with going over the top sometimes on it? There is enough readership to be created, and I am one such person who reads just about everything that's printed! Am I then not a part of "that" national consciousness which holds its regard for the agrarion sector or the hardships involved there? Who is anyone to judge me on it? Why should we create benchmarks for the sake of living in a false sense of nationhood?

Someone who doesn't watch IPL, or reads reports on Bollywood, is not a purist in my eyes, neither will I disregard someone who only follows movies or fashion like a religion. Let's get real for once."



Though that was the reply, I often feel even the young set needs some shaping up despite the media opening up avenues for us to think and decide. Nothing is taboo anymore, and it's us, who are pushing the bar of consciousness higher. There is lots one needs to understand before banging the moral nail in someone's head, and as we open up more to the world outside, this whole balloon of one nation, with a uniform thought process, will get less intimidating.

We need more than just a bunch of fellows dictating us where to go, what to eat, what to celebrate. Let's stop stalking the media to the slaughterhouse all the time.

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pankaj said...

popular debates never really really question, they just graze the surface at best. theyre just meant to entretain, to make us feel good. the real questions lie mostly in the pages of dusty dusty books in a library. or perhaps we face the real questions in our own personal lives