Jun 17, 2008

Fantasy, you kidding me???

Just some moments ago, me and Biprorshee were having a conversation about realism, and fantasy in movies. Being the saint that I am, I ended it by saying I have room for all kinds of cinema (no matter how much I simply loathe the LOTRs, and the Potters). I liked the Narnia series, and here Bipro claimed how fantasy bores him. "There is nothing eventually for the mind."


Realism is far more entertaining, and thought-provoking, and it's just not possible to describe my love for it. Both of us agree on this one.

Fantasy is not a tale he would follow, and not just him, I know someone else who doesn't like animation and cartoons barring the world-favourite Tom and Jerry. I owe it to these guys for making me think WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!

Imagine a world with no Madagascar!! Blasphemy, phhbbbt!

Imagine a world with no LOTR AND POTTER! SO MUCH PAPER SAVED. AND EVENTUALLY the screen too.

Think Usual Suspects. Think Babel, think Munich, think, THINK, THINK!

Fantasy to me is when the complexities of the adult world are subtly played out, and not complicated with too many nuances. Pure fun! When I have kids, I will happily keep Narnia series for them to read, and watch. By then, am sure all the stories would be out.


And yes, they can watch Usual Suspects when they are 10, and Madagascar when they are my age (will be 24)


Manish said...

Well speaking abt the so called 'fantasy' in movies , i will not limit myself to potter, narnia or LOTR, give me one reason why Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (and its kind in Bollywood) is not a fantasy movie? By this I do not degrade the movie , it is just that I think they are made to make to people laugh, dream and forget the "real" world for 3 hrs... also not make them think abt the "real" world as well... Sometimes Neha we should stop thinking... really it doesn't help always!!

p.s:- I have got a friend who would proudly save some of Mithunda's b-grade hindi movies(especially one called GUNDA) for his kids... Just for laughs... :)

Manish said...

Hey have u heard this... some guys are making a cartoon Super Hero called Jimmy Jhinchak !! based on Mithunda's Disco Dancer!

On a serious note, I really wish you were a Bong, Satyajit Ray ( had it been my I would have put him on higher pedestal than Tagore ! ) has left a treasure trove for bong kids...

pankaj said...

bahut hi badiya post dodo...swaad aa gya!! i agree with you and bippy, most fantasy doesnt have much soul, u enjoy the effects and grandeur for a while, fir bore ho jaate ho. (i didnt mind the potter series vaise)(perhaps because it recreates the england of enid blyton i had read about as a kid). (and its not as if you're a stiff snooty elite who looks down upon anything but "realism", its just that these movies ARE inspipid)

(tu aur bippy to badi intelligent discussions karte ho re)