May 13, 2008

Stars Shine & Drown - the modern day effigy

Continued from the previous blog..

Couldn't hold..Fell on the platform..died on the highway..abducted while returning..average dose of crimes & the city. A mirror of metropolitan realities, and sadly an epiphanic moment in life. What's even more disturbing is the callousness with which one sidesteps these modern-day strife as mere media madness to capture it.

If one were to compete with the idea of nationhood, one needs to understand the labyrinthine structures of what completes a society, let alone what destroys it. The idea of a nation springs from the pace of how every society develops from its everyday mundane as well as complex realities. How does one cope with change?

How is the framework of a country different from its people? How active is our social critique of just ourselves as people? Some groups want a colonial mindset to progress with times, while some want neolithic ideas to stand out and mean something!

We need some sprucing up, some spicing up, while also making sure we don't lose ourselves in the process.

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pankaj said...

ye to poora post structralist wala post tha!!!